Monday, October 4, 2010

Here is a small gift to show you guys my appreciation!

Hey!! whats going down!!?
I just want to let you guys know I love you so much and thank you for your support.
So here is a brand new track called "Welcome" its a reflection of a past time in my life. 
Its a nice warm track and it just makes me feel soo good, it brings me back to when 
things for me were a lot less complicated! So please check it out, tell me what you think, and leave me a comment with you thoughts! Thanks!



  1. Carrie: Thank you for stopping by you are soo awesome!!! I love you.

  2. Anonymous: I want to thank you for stopping by as well even tho im not sure who you are you are still loved by me!

  3. @mosesuvere: it's been quite awhile since the conscious crunk track "We Gon Make It". This track is VERY reminds me (if you don't mind me saying) of Kanye's College Dropout stuff. Keep up the GOOD work man!!! :-)

  4. DC: Thanks for taking time to stop by and check out the song and the site! Cool people go a long way in my book and you are one of them!

  5. awesome!!!!!!!!!! you are going to go far. ---ARK JOHN

  6. John: Thank you soo much I love you man!
    You are the kind of person that I strive to be like!

  7. beautiful song brother!! This ones a keeper!