Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open Up My Phone

The Heart Condition EP is approaching and I wanted to give you guys some lyrics from one of the songs entitled: "Open Up My Phone" -

"Timid ways mixed with tented shades/ shes getting to the money making sure her tenant pays/ there's a since of greed in her eyes/ but I aint looking at them eyes I'm looking at them thighs/ Ya know Im taken by all of my flesh/ so I invest all of my best till they lay me to rest/ and now the calls don't stop I take a look at my celly and then my heart drops"

The song tells a story about me meeting a girl and allowing myself to get caught up in how she looked instead of who she really was. Being led by my own selfish actions at this point I realized I was left with a decision in which I mention later. The song reflected the state of my own Heart Condition. So whats yours?
 Dec 3rd-The Heart Condition 

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