Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chican George Breaks Down the #HeartCondition EP

This guy above is Chican George and he's a very dope rapper from the great state of Alabama and he decided to give a break down of each song and an overall review of the #HeartCondition EP. Now a review coming from another rapper is tough cuz usually rappers are a lot more particular with each other but Chican gives a very honest and real perspective on the project that actually surprised me! Even in fact made me look at somethings differently and gave me a refreshed outlook on the project! I want to personal say thank you for taking the time and giving your thoughts it is much appreciated forreal! So guys click the link below to his blog and check out the review! You might be shocked too!

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and if you haven't Downloaded the #HeartCondition EP
with just one click you can get it for free just go to the link below!! 

 #HeartCondition EP

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  1. Thanks for the love back. That's how we need to be. I can't believe you found that picture of me (lol)! We're gonna line up a interview with you soon, so keep it posted. One of your tracks may be submitted to a online radio station, so be patient and watch god move. Keep those fans coming to the blog and make sure they leave comments-good or bad. In the meantime keep making those hits and grinding out for god. Holla at me anytime. #spreadthesoup