Sunday, February 20, 2011

Live Footage from "HipRockinteon" in Houston, TX

Check out the footage from this event myself and Aaron of Aphesis went to over the weekend! I meant to get footage from all the artist but I didn't get a chance to cuz I forgot to dump my coverage to my laptop to create more room in my camera my bad so big shoutout to: Proceso Divino and Dunamis who was also apart of the event but I wasn't able to get clips of them! Another shoutout to The BBoys that were on deck, Jflo, Daniel, Lita Rodi, Overflow and ChristFlowStudios and last but not least my very very good friend who hosted us Car-LOS Megar and his wife Tina! Man talk about a lot of fun this has been such a great weekend and Im soo happy I get to share a piece of it with you guys! Oh and be sure to check out the love Keep it Trill showed me on there site!


  1. Moses, you are always welcomed to our home! We see your obedience before God. Keep doing what you are doing for Him!

  2. Carlos "C-Los" MelgarFebruary 20, 2011 at 6:03 PM

    Hey bro u always welcomed in our home, but hey man my last name is Melgar not Megar, it's cool though, we still luv ya, Peace!!!

  3. ohhh snaaapp!!!!! may bad cuzzz! I guess I lost my mind after I dun left Houston Numtawkabout?!