Sunday, April 10, 2011

Album Review and Studio Footage

As y'all already know I'm dropping my next album "Mind the Gap" this Tuesday! During this process I met this amazing producer named Brian Hall he and I have been making some really awesome songs together and I'm thinking about releasing a free album with him later on in the year CHECK OUT the studio clip of one of the song we are working on its called "Bouts to Go." I also want you guys to also check out the album review that I got from:

Just click on the "Mind the Gap Review" link and read the thoughts the writer gave big shoutout to PAUL!
and if you haven't had the chance to listen to my new single "Head Turner" I have it steaming right NOW! Peep it below the video whenever you get a chance! I'm soo excited and thankful about the gift of life that god has blessed me with and I encourage y'all to tap into the high power which is my lord and savior Jesus Christ and allow him to lead your life and watch how things will turn around for you! Watch how fulfilling life will become just through the little things! I love y'all! 

Mind the Gap



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