Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lend your Love Fest June 26th!

Check it out me and the crew are heading out to
Little Rock to be apart the Lend your Love Fest!
I'm so hype about this event! Its EKG's last show that there doing before they move to Texas! There also signed to the same label I'm on chaos theory music media so it feel like family! If you are in the area you gotta come hang with us! Its gunna be super also check out the write up I got about my new album from a blog based outta the United Kingdom: it was well written and honest and I appreciated the thoughts! I did a show last week at Trees and there were some dope pics taken check em out here: Live @ Trees Well be on the looking out for more shows in your area and if you are interested in booking me just send an email HOLLA!

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