Sunday, July 24, 2011

House of Faith Camp Brownwood, TX

Photo taken by: Matt Butcher (iPhone Swag)
Photo taken by: CZ ( iPhone Swag )
Myself, DJ Promote his wife Valerie and CZ took a nice relaxing drive out to Brownwood, TX  to be apart of the annual camp put on by House of Faith from San Angelo, TX. This is my second year to be apart of the camp and I was super pumped when I was asked to be present! Click this link to see a clip of what went down last year:  House of Faith Camp I had a lot less hair back then! Now a year later I'm back with a Fro and a bigger this year I really saw God move in the young people in such a unique way and as well did he move in me and really addressed my purpose and challenged my perspective on music ministry and so on. If you look at the top pick to the left of me that's CZ he was the guest speaker for the camp and he's also a very very dope MC and an awesome dude to be around! The next pic is of me performing wed night at the Glow Party it was nuts the whole room was glowing! I hope some footage comes out! Special Thank you House of Faith for letting me be apart of what you guys do. Shout out to the ORANGE TEAM! aka: DA "O"-SQUAD.


  1. love having you their your great hope to see you next year

  2. Thanks! It was super crunk! I cant wait for next year!