Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Living Life on the Edge

LOL. Yep. I thought this was kinda funny. Its true sometimes we TRY and take our decisions into our own hands and as you can see it will leave you holding on by a thread..or at least in this case by some tissue paper. I wanna leave y'all with this..trust God with all your decisions, love him with everything that's within you and allow him to work in your life!

peace N love 

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  1. This is the funniest picture! Love it, love it.
    I think it is a great rep about if we try to hold onto others to pull us up or out of a situation we might find ourselves in this position. Or on the other end...if we are trying to pull someone up and they are depending on us instead of God..this will definitely happen. God is the 'bounty' in our life. He can clean up any mess and never fall apart. Nothing is to hard for him.