Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Problems Music Video Update part 2

I know that Ive been telling you guys all year long that I have a music video that's coming soon and I'm so sorry for the delay sometimes when you have good intentions things happen that will prevent you from a goal but God has giving us the strength to not only endure hardship but to also overcome them! Ive been itching to show you guys this music video for soo long but patience is a virtue and we all that its not easily acquired. So forgive me!  This pic above shows some items that were found while we were tearing down the wrecked homes from the tornado in Joplin, Missouri. I have a short statement from Danny he was one of the 3 camera operators during my music video and documentary process he give his perspective on the project as a whole.

Big shout out to the director Teddy Cool and camera operators Danny and Gordon for taking the vision and bring it forth! The Problems Music Video will release before the year is over! I promise! We were planning on have a release party but I had to cancel that due to some schedule conflicts but hopefully we can all celebrate together online or I might do like a dinner or something! Ill let you know for sure. God Bless Yall for real. The video release is coming soon! Don't quit on me yet!   

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