Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Problems" - Official Music Video

Man I cant believe this day is finally here! Despite the leak : ( there are soo many people to thank its unreal. I gotta thank the Director Teddy Cool, Danny and Gordon, for the camera operating skills. I gotta thank my Label Chaos Theory, I gotta thank all of the people that donated: my mentor John Hall, Goat, Art Love and Magic, Poor Vida, Reck Shop, Pamela Taylor, David Porter, Mike & Joelle Mobley, Mr & Mrs. Jeff Goldstein, Orin Gedrose, Colleen Gedrose, Meredith Gedrose, Josh Kuker, Michael Asante, Allison Asante. Special thanks to EMAIL ASANTE for helping me gather all the people who donated. Email has done soo much for my career and many other artists its just amazing I'm forever thankful for everything you have done to help be where Im at today. Thank you Email. Love you man!

I also want to Thank all the organizations that allowed us to donate what we gathered and film everywhere: Arts on Wheels , Habit for Humanity Center , Americorp Recovery Center , Misti's Mission

Peace and Blessing go out to the Hunt family thank you guys for allowing us to film your story. We Donated $500 Dollars to help them get back on there feet due to the fact that they lost there home during the Tornado.

If you wanted to keep up with more of the progress click below!

also please be on the lookout for the Documentary that is coming very soon....

Here is some of the TV Programs that are currently playing the video:
(Click above this post to watch)



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