Friday, January 4, 2013

3 Month Re-Cap with Anchor Marketing

In the last 3 months I sought out a Public Relations team to help build my brand and mold the direction of my career and so far it been such an amazing experience. Katie-Rose Watson has worked with me daily to really help open doors that I've never seen before along with the support and push from the owners BJ & Amber Caldwell and they made a nice Re Cap video of everything they have helped accomplish in only 3 months its pretty insane! Ive only been able to watch it once all the way through without getting emotional. I know I'm a sap but I can't help it! Man shout out to my team Anchor Marketing for really being apart of making my dreams come true! Check out the video above!

At my SECOND interview with KiKi J of k 104 with my Publicist Katie-Rose   

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