Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sept 10th New Single "Let the Beat Knock"

Man. I have never been so excited about releasing a song EVER in my life. I really really love the way this song feels, the lyrics, the production! I hope you guys love this new record as much as I do! I have to give a shout out to these guys below for there hand in the production of this one song! Its just unreal how many times this song got changed up and renamed and re produced and re written! Never the less we are FINALLY here with the second single! We are looking to release the album after we drop the single and the music video for Let the Beat Knock" I'm sorry its taken me so long to finish this album. It was just a project I really put a lot of my heart and soul in and I want to make sure that everything was at the very best I could produce. I promise that is project is one of my best attempts to make timeless music that embodies where I come from (which is the south) and the struggle I deal with on a daily (which is the christian walk) Last week I turned in every single song to my A&R that will be on my new album and I was nervous about it for sure but the reality set in that we are getting soo much closer to the completion process God has done so much during this cycle and I'm grateful. Well be on the look out for the album release date and track listing in the next month! #neverbeenbetter is coming soon!




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