Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Let the Beat Knock" Lyrics

This is slightly overdue but you can check out the youtube clip below and you can read the lyrics along with the song!

 You can buy the song on iTunes


Hook/ bridge
Let the beat knock let the floor shake


Killin this flow call me OJ
Riding in bronco
With a low fade

We trying to get it poppin wheres TJ
Let the flow rain down
Like an and Aka

Grippin leather
Never been better
I know they talkin down
I told the devil its whatever

hit em in his eye
they call me dbow

Give it 5mins
And his eye will be swole
2xs Yea we plexin yea we staright plexin 
I'm riding around my city in my best friends Lexus 2xs

Now we on the grind
I let my bumper scrap
Always on time
Even when I'm late
God cooked the meal
I'm trying to serve the plate
Even when I'm driving crooked
Man he  kept me straight
Man I kept it real
But they don't really see my passion
Even still I love people that why im rapping
When I kneel I still feel
they want ya boy crashing
So what they hit for
I don't know but they know I'm gone told you boys that I'm going gone
When I do succeed its not me doe
I keep it 100 no zero

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