Monday, August 22, 2011

Studio Session with Brian Hall

Brian Hall is a very very good friend of mine and he and I have been making some bangers for almost a year now and we are thinking about release a project together sometime late this year or early next year! I'm soo excited about it! I posted a session of me and him working on something a while back click the link to check out the video: April 10th Blog Post  did you check it out? Its pretty dope huh!? Well this song is no different! Its called "This aint over" so check out the video and leave me some comments tell me what you think!

....and also if you could check out my trailer for my new Music video / Documentary coming out this Sept! Pass it around to some folks maybe a Facebook post or two! Thanks!

'Problems' music video project trailer from Teddy Cool on Vimeo.

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