Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept 7th True Beats in Allen TX

This is the first event to kick off my month long tour! 
I'm so freaking excited about going on the road for a while! 
This event will be sponsored by Chick-fil-a which means there will be free food! 
Awready! Its starts at 7pm! The address is: 
600 S JUPITER RD, Allen, TX 75002 
I'll be doing a new song that night as well. Look you just dont want to miss this event! Its gunna be soo dope and on top of all that ITS FREE! You cant be that! So I need everyone to come out and wish me off as I start my Fall tour in the city of Allen TX! For more info about the event please click the link: 

Come on out and lets have a fun time! 

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