Tuesday, October 25, 2011

EKG Halloween Costume Party

Yep! Its going down! This weekend! Halloween costume party at the rev room in downtown Little Rock. Its 8 bucks at the door and 2 more extra bucks if you don't come with a costume! I'm not sure what costume I'm gunna wear I might have to just pay the two bucks because Ive out grown all my costumes! DANG! Well the address is: 
300 President Clinton Ave 
 Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
and I'm giving away soo many Daps and Hugs you would not believe it! So come by and kick it and don't forget to bring you costume! For more info about the event please click on the link below!

My Music Video project is coming soon 
click the "Problems" link to see the last update!

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  1. Quite interesting EKG Halloween Costume Party. Thanks for these details. At the local Chicago event space we are also going to host a costume party on our daughter’s birthday. She was demanding this party for a long time and now the time has come to fulfill her wish.