Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Problems" Music Video Update

 The whole idea behind this Music Video and Documentary project is to give back to others and show love and support to those in need which is what I feel I was created to do. So while we were in Missouri we helped and organization called "ReBuild Joplin" tear down a home that was messed up pretty bad due to the tornado. Below we found a few items in the home it was real heart breaking man for real. Every time I look back at these photos I just wanna cry man its terrible.

Well we have been working on this documentary and music video all summer long and I'm excited to finally get a chance to release it! We will have a video release date here in the next few weeks for you guys! We will also have a video premiere party that will not only debut the videos but also honor the people who donated materials and money for the victims and some give-ways that will go along with the release of the video and a chance for you to donate more if you feel led to. This music video really captures my heart for people and the desire I have to see our world become a better place. I just cant wait for y'all to see it! Check out the song below! Please be on the lookout for the "Problems" Music Video Project coming soon and very soon.

  Problems by mosesuvere

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