Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Re-Cap of the trip to Illinois

I was booked to be in Chicago and a few surrounding cities such as Joliet, St Charles, Warrenville , and Waukegan for about 8 days. I did a show each day in Juvenile Jail Cells and I did the Waukegan event in a church. I couldn't get footage or pictures of me in the Detention Centers when I was inside but I did get some shots while we were site seeing and some performances clips of me in Waukegan.

Make sure the next time you do go to Chicago you stop and eat at Portillo's
and you can see why...lol yessir

and Like I mentioned I did tons of site seeing but the craziest thing to me was stand over Al Capone's grave it was just too weird for me seriously I was completely shocked! This guy is pretty much the originator of organized crime. 


Man I truly love Chicago Ive been coming here every year since I put out my first album and it always feels like the first time. Well check out this footage of me flying in to Illinois and doing the event in Waukegan. Big shout out to Rafael and Josh Escobedo and also Don Smarto for allowing me to be apart of what he does! Check out the footage!

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