Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Xavier Marquis - "Indigo Glow" Feat: Moses Uvere

My very very good friend  Xavier Marquis
just released a new mixtape called: The X​-​Files Mixtape: Episode 2
you can click his name to check out his website or click the mixtape title and pick up the project! He gave me the honor to be on a song featured on this project called  "Indigo Glow" So press play and follow along with the lyrics below to my verse!

I got problems like the next man
But I'm married to the game and Stanley Rufus is my best man

They say mo hardly killin the rap
He's always spreading peace N love
When he lacing the track

Ok ok let me keep it simple and plan
been delivered by much
That how I maintain

Anytime you see me baby gurl it's all love
and An enemy hate me gets shoulder shrugs haha

what up to email he said you need balls to get them record sales

So what they talking about if ain't they ain't talkin about us
y'all got a lot blogs but who do y'all discuss
 they say nice things and yea tend to I blush
And When y'all talk that boo boo toilet i flush

To tell the truth I'm the proof that the roof is missing

Cop a coop hit the stoop and poof watch it glisten
Listen this no ordinary flow
god bless my soul with the indigo glow
Now ya know

It seems like nowadays I be braggin
gap tooth gutta boy pants stay saggin

And I love god more than life he's my passion
And I love y'all with my might
and my actions

Hey What up Mrs Jackson
You told me I'd make it
 That changed my reaction

Hey hey
 It is all or nothing and
Ill tell ya Right now Ive stopped the bluffing
And ill tell Right now lets change the world
baby gurl what's up
There is no Recall button
So are you coming or what?
So are you coming or what?
So are you coming or what?
X told me to rap it up I guess
Enough enough

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