Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Its an amazing yet scary feeling knowing that God is the true landscaper of our lives its really hard for me at times for me to commit all my ways unto him. I guess I'm control freak! Lord forgive me. Anyways I just wanted to make the announcement that Ill be on tour in Nigeria performing in different churches and clubs starting in the month of March and Ill be back in the first week of May. My family and my roots originate from there and this is my first time ever seeing where I truly come from! So please keep me in your prayers!  I'm having a going away party at my friends house March 3rd. It will also be my video release party and I'll have a huge surprise at the party as well. Its open to anyone who wants to come! DJ Stibs just confirmed he will be DJing and it gunna be a fun time check the flyer for all the info you need!!!

Click the RSVP link so we can get a head count!

Shout out to B!Creativity with the amazing flyer!

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