Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Coming Home Tour" Day 25

This is the Niger Bridge it is the boundary between onishta and asaba in delta state very awesome bridge! Very Historic to African culture!

Man since the last time we spoke I was in Lagos and I was in meetings trying to get booked and trying to get more involved with my culture while I have time here and so much has happen since then forreal. The days are running so fast. My time here in Nigeria is coming to a close and I'm excited to go home but kinda sad at the same time. So let's debrief: I arrived to Lagos March 15th and I had 7 shows lined up. They all got cancelled due to people trying to steal the per-sale ticket money and also not having to proper sound equipment to help get the event off. Then the one event I did was very short and impromptu but it turned out well. When I first took the opportunity to come out here I thought it would mainly be business and ministry orientated but I was wrong God really took me outta my comfort zone to show me some much more. He showed me myself in the faces of my cousins and my aunt's and I was challenged as a man to find a way and do something for my people in this country. I was also shown how spoiled and selfish I have grown to become over time and many many other things in my life that I'm battling currently. To be honest with you I was fighting it telling myself that I'm good and I dont need to make any changes but sometimes God will take you clear across the globe get you sick put in you sub par living conditions cancel everything you thought you were going to do to get your attention and he did lol man I just wanted to rap talk to a few kids about God make a few bucks and leave but now my perspective on life has really changed and I want to do more for my people starting in Abia State and expanding from there. I don't know what that means exactly as far as music and other things of that nature but I know now that I have much much more work to do besides just making good rap songs. Its been a process for me and I've been really stretched but I really enjoy pleasing God. So with that being said I need to make some big changes some life altering changes. So I'm going to keep praying and seeking God for more direction and I ask that those who care to please pray with me. I posted on facebook that I was sick and it is due to these items below:  

This is called "MEAT PIE" and I love love love this things but after I ate this I was super sick and super weak and I was ready very ready to come home to the USA but after a few days this food left my system (in a very unpleasant way) and now I feel much much better. lol. Well I got an announcement! I'm having a show called the "Welcome Home Show" at the Fallout lounge May 17th 10pm and its a free event. Hosted by DJ DEUCE DEUCE I'll be preforming two new songs that night and I need to pack the place out! The venue is small and it fits 100 people and I think we can get that many! The first 50 people to come to this event will get a nice little gift from me! Y'all know I love to give free stuff so please please try and make it out for that! I guess that's all I have for now. Please keep me in your prayers I got big decisions to make thank you soo much! PEACE & LOVE


  1. I've read a couple of your posts since you've been there and I'm extremely glad to hear what God is doing for you and I've been keeping you in my prayers. Reading this has been a blessing to me as well... I've been wanting to do a missions trip or something of that sort for a while now, knowing that once I get out my comfort zone Its going to be tough. Yet I'm up for it. You've inspired me to do much more and I thank you for that. Hopefully one day I'll be able to attend to one of your shows, until then may God keep using you in His perfect will. :)

  2. Yeah I would seriously encourage it! I think it would be great for you! Thank you soo much for you're nice words! Thank you for you're prayers as well and yes you NEED to come to one of my shows! I know you will someday! Until then I'll have a hug waiting for you.