Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Coming Home Tour" Day 40

I met this lady at a church I was at and then met her again on the bus! She was crunk! Oh and that's my cousin in the blue her name in Nneana and shes the best!

The hustle..

Arochukwu is the name of the town where my village is and we are related to this guy...dont talk much

...and they got a statue of him in the middle of the town...

This is called Suya its one of my favorite snacks! Its like beef jerky but wayy better! Trust me!

The only one I found during my whole trip..I couldn't believe it tho..nuts..

...and these are brooms. You know..what you use for

Abia State Church Girls..

Still hustling....

So my time here is coming to an end I leave Africa in like 5 days or so its been hard to keep up with the days because we are always on the go! God has shown me soo many cool things out here! I've been so inspired and I'm so I ready to record some new projects and also start some other new stuff that has nothing to do with music but everything to do with you and I'll explain in due time! I'll have a video blog of the whole trip soon and very soon I hope you guys have been enjoying the pictures! Oh and let me not forget I got a "Welcome Home Show" May 17th its gunna be at a new location! hopefully I have the details for that soon and The Heart Condition 2 is coming soon and yes it will be a free project so get ready! Peace and Love!

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