Friday, May 11, 2012

May Uvere 2012 Graduation

My sister May Uvere was a part of a duel credit program that allows students to graduate with an associate degree and high school diploma! I just want to brag on her and let ya'll know she graduated today with 2 degrees! Its pretty cool! Check out this video below it has clips of some of my family members heading to the graduation ceremony! If you get a chance show my sister some love on facebook! She's my heart and my soul! Also I want to mention that sometime tomo or next I'm going to post the first video from my trip to Nigeria. It showed some clips of me at the airport chillin before I got to Nigeria! You don't want to miss it! My whole trip was insane! Don't worry tho I did the best I could to catch the crazy times and show em to you! So be on the lookout for that clip very soon! Oh and one more thing I'm still working on details for the "Welcome Home Show" I'll have something for you in the next few days God willing and one more thing..(sorry) be on the look out for a free album that I'm getting ready to release this summer called the Heart Condition 2!

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