Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming Home Tour Video Blog 1

I have to apologize in advance for my terrible camera skills there was a lot going on in the present time and it was hard for me to capture everything. Ive been back home for a few days now and it feels so weird to be back here. I was gone just long enough to really forget how things work out here. So Ive been adjusting quite a bit. Everything is so different here in the USA. So much more efficient out here in comparison to my country of Nigeria. I love it there soo much tho! I really discovered a new version of myself. I'm a new person after this experience for sure. I'm sorry but don't have any good footage of my shows out here it just wasn't about that out here for me. Oh let me mention for those of you that have tried to reach out to me on my phone I just turned it on. I really really don't want to have a cell phone anymore. After not using it for 2 months I realized my phone consumed my life. I'm just hesitant I don't want to go back to that life again it was too much.. anyways this was the first video clip I tired to post while I was in Nigeria but it wouldn't post due to the slow internet! This moment captured the start of the journey it was too crunk! The video doesn't even give it justice how crazy everyone was acting! I have a few smaller videos on the way that really capture the essence of my country I can't wait for you guys to check it out! In the meanwhile pass this one around and check it out!  PLEASE leave me a comment or two.. Thanks for watching! Be on the lookout for the Live Chat this Sunday at 7pm! during that chat I'll be just telling my story about my time out there and if you have any questions for me you can either tweet them to me or post in the chat box! We will be broadcasting right here on my blog!

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