Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sept 29th - TV Preformance with TDSL -The Grind

Artwork by: Noah Benjamin 

So I got blessed with a great opportunity 
to preform on the Texas Time Warner channel 
with a FULL BAND and we are doing the recording at Zion Church in Garland, TX and I would like to invite 40 people to come and be apart of the event. So please click the picture above and it will take you to the facebook invite page and if you would like to come please click the "I'm Going" tab and you will then receive a confirmation message with more instructions! I'm really excited about this. I really hope you can be apart! Later on we will announce when the show will air live so be on the lookout for that date as well. The channel only shows in Texas and you have to be a Time Warner costumer as well.  (SORRY) check the listing below.

North Texas on Demand/Local Content/Music - Ch. 656
Central Texas (Waco) On Demand /Music – Ch. 200
Central Texas (Austin) on Demand/Music – Ch. 1400
San Antonio on Demand/Music – Ch. 988
South Texas (Corpus, RGV, Laredo) on Demand /Music – Ch. 831
Golden Triangle On Demand/Music – Ch. 831
El Paso on Demand/Music – Ch. 831

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