Sunday, September 9, 2012

Studio Session with @Trendsdiefast & @Jdotwills

Well the day before my studio session I had a show at Zion Church in Garland TX but just before I left to go to my show there was a bunch of police cars that surrounded my apt complex and from what my neighbors were saying apparently someone got killed. So shocked and hurt to hear that news. The area I live in is super nice and nothing like that has EVER happened. It was weird. Please send your prayers to the family. So for me its been a while since Ive done a show literally that close to my home and the vibe in the building was all love and it was all family shout out to all the amazing bands that played that night. Felt so honored to call each artist a friend.


 So then the next day I met up with Krystal and JWills to work on a track and the song came out pretty dope! Look out for a release of that record pretty soon. Check out the video below of what the work flow was like....

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