Thursday, September 6, 2012

Studio Sessions and Life Fellowship in Hurst TX

Man yesterday was a day filled with a lot of music and a lot work. I was so grateful though it was such a great day! It started off in oak cliff with my homie TJ'd Up He's been recording demos for my next album and he's been very patience with me and has displayed some excellent work. He's going to be huge part of my next project. I'm very excited.

In fact Ive never been this excited to release new music in a long time. I believe the Lord has something huge in store for this next record. I can't wait! The journey is going to be freaking AWESOME! Oh let me not forget to mention that TJ is also about to release a new EP called Already. So when that drops make sure you get it!

Ok so lets continue with how the rest of my day went. The studio session started at 10am and then we finished up at 5pm shortly after that I was set to perform at a youth group event at Life Fellowship church in Hurst TX. The homie DJ Stibs was able to take sometime from his busy schedule to be apart and man he always does he's thing! He's one of the best to do it! The event went EXTREMELY well the kids had a lot of fun and we did too! So grateful to serve the lord and his people through this gift. Thank you again Life Fellowship for having us out!

Oh and Apparently Stibs said he's part of a new crew that sows?!! lol...I think he's crew is called "Stitcha Please" and the first contribution from the crew is the new Nvade Dolls above! There actually pretty fresh! So if you're looking for an early Christmas gift holla at my bro! Thanks again for stopping by my blog! I have new music coming soon and more than likely its going to be FREE so be ready!

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