Friday, May 27, 2016

Great Stuff is happening these days!

So, there is a few items below this post that capture what my week has looked like. I want to take this time and say I'm grateful for moments like this. I want to also take sometime and say thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday! I got word that my birthday was a trending topic in Dallas for twitter users. I was a little lost for words. I felt the city celebrating with me and I was moved by that so thank you! Some of you maybe wondering what did you do to celebrate? Well, Im a youth pastor at Irving Bible Church and so I spent that day getting ready for service and speaking to the students about God being our rock and foundation! I couldn't have celebrated my life in a better way. I feel blessed because I get to do what I love everyday for a living and so celebrating birthdays for me sometimes feels weird because most of my days are good ones! Well, lets get into some of these post just want to update y'all who may not be on my social media!
Thank you again for loving me! I felt so much love on my birthday and let this post show that Im truly grateful for the ones that love me the most!

I went on tour with Gabe Salazar this week for the aint bully prevention! Amazing time!
when I came back from the tour I had to honor to partner with Mercy ST and I spoke at Thomas Edison Middle School. Beautiful Moment!

Saturday Night I'm playing with my best friends! Its a free show! Come thru!

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