Monday, March 26, 2012

"Coming Home Tour" Day 10

Waiting before I go on..
yes. That's a chicken and yes. that's someone's tithe and offering.
Queens dedicating babies to the king


the men sit on one side the the women on the other side..
The Lord's Chosen
Service was 4 hours long..

So I did a last min set during a Sunday Morning service. I just recited some poems. The response was great. From that another opportunity opened up and I'll be on a radio show in east Nigeria in the next few weeks promoting the tour and talking about my new album and current video releases. Sorry I couldn't any pics of me on stage. It was kinda rushed. I'm thankful for what God has been doing among his people and also in my life. I've been writing a lot of new songs and a lot of general observations of what I'm seeing while I'm here. Its just soo much to soaking in. There is a lot of culture that is present here and great values. Everyone has a understanding among each other that: we are in this thing together and its soo beautiful how strangers in this land become brothers in a instance. More updates are too come!


  1. Moses...I dont even know what words to say to sum up what I am feeling right now...that picture of the chicken just really got me. God tells us to bring him our best feel humbled right now and embarrased knowing how much I take for granted and keep for myself. That pic is a beautiful thing...thanks for sharing it.

    1. Yeah i felt the SAME way. Its powerful truth that god just ask for our best. I was humbled as well.

  2. Awesome pictures Mo, thankyou So much for sharing em brother, much love from back home!

    1. thanks man! I miss you bruh!! forreal. you gotta come next time.